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About Us

It’s quite simple. We have extensive experience in building brands and recognize all of the challenges, kinks, and joys of what it takes to finally leave your comfort zone of job security to start a new venture and put out your ideas into the world. Founded wants to help your brand.

The Dream

The Great Recession caused an awaking in our collective conscience. The headlines were bleak, doors closed and industry fell. The American Dream became a sore subject, something we’d loved but lost long ago.

We’d listened to our grandparents tell stories of a different kind of America, one that made things. There were tales of factory jobs with steady wages, of comfort and stability for a strong middle class. Like ghosts on the outskirts of town, empty plants and mills haunted us with a legacy of a prosperity we’d never known.

Frustrated with our economic inheritance, we looked to the past with our eye on the future. To renew our economy, we’re banding together to pull up our bootstraps, and return to a time when those boots would have been made here in the U.S.A.

A Return to Greatness

By supporting American businesses, you’re fostering job creation and economic viability here at home. By buying just 5% more U.S. made products we can create a MILLION new jobs. By circulating money back into our own economy, we increase our tax bases, creating more money for quality infrastructure and thriving schools.

But it’s not just about patriotism. Foreign markets often operate with little to no environmental regulation or attention to human rights. By buying American made, you’re investing in our nation’s future, and supporting an honest day’s work for a fair wage.

Small Business, Big Investment

The difference between making a purchase and an investment is seen in the value of the return. When you open your wallet at a locally owned company, you’re investing in your community’s future. Numerous studies have shown that these hometown purchases support local spending at the business level, which creates economic advantage in the towns where you live and work. It’s not paying it forward, it’s paying yourself.

When you shop with small businesses, you’re helping to preserve our nation’s tradition of quality. The modern-day makers are entrepreneurs who offer something you won’t find at big box stores. They’re committed to creating thoughtfully crafted pieces that stand the test of time.

Think about your last trip to an antique store. No doubt the walls were lined with items that were older than you are, and many of them were still functional and useful. How many items in your home could put up with 50+ years of use and abuse? We support a return to the type of craftsmanship that turned everyday objects into heirlooms for the next generation.

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